Shackleton’s Burden (Novelette)
Series: The Lost Wonders, Book 0
Genre: Science Fiction
Death’s Messenger. Souls in limbo. Redemption.
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About the Book

Dancer, the centaur android, owes his freedom to a human. The human, on a mission to save his race, was killed due to Dancer’s curiosity. The life-debt caused Dancer to scour the galaxy for the man’s son. The son is the key to humanity’s deliverance and Dancer’s hope for redemption.

Alec Shackleton is busy restoring the magnificent space yacht Quest when a voice in the darkness calls his name. After listening to the tragic tale, Alec must accept that the burden of mankind destiny lies in his hands.

Shackleton’s Burden is a novella giving one of several back stories in the Lost Wonder saga sci-fi adventure series set in the 24th century. If you like vivid worlds, multi-dimensional characters, and the hope of redemption, you’ll order Todd Yunker’s series starter for your collection.

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