Earth destroyed. Few humans remain. The galaxy on the precipice of open war!

The first book of the bestselling Lost Wonders series is now free for a limited time - you just need to tell me where to send it.

Alec Shackleton shoulders the quest to redeem his father’s honor and save the human race from extinction. With a dwindling population, his last chance is to solve the riddle surrounding the legend of a lost tribe.

With help from an alien android partner named Dancer, and the mysterious slave girl Electra, Alec must gather the clues to an eleven-thousand-year-old mystery.

A warring race claims manifest destiny and dons the mantle of empire as the galaxy burns in the void’s stillness. Alec is prepared to sacrifice those he loves to save the human species.

From the mind of the award-winning author Todd Yunker comes a thrilling, page-turning epic science fiction adventure where myth and legend collide.

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What People Are Saying

Dave Boewn

"The driving plot is paced more like an Indiana Jones adventure, but the big ideas are there. When I say big...I mean big. The concept behind the Lost Wonder in this book is staggering, any other word is an understatement."


"Humans were now hunted down for sport. Unless you were pretty good at taking care of yourself, you didn’t live long wandering around the galaxy."

E.A. Gray

"The writer makes every scene dance across the page in a manner that keeps you entirely absorbed."

David G

"Reminiscent of Edger Rice Burroughs Barsoom stories."